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Stressed Man
Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB)

MOAB provides its customers with the most innovative, comprehensive, and effective non-lethal force training programs and consulting services in the management of aggressive behavior. MOAB provides students with the knowledge to create a win-win situation in difficult confrontations and the ability to resolve conflicts decisively and diplomatically regardless of their age, size, or strength.

Students Will Learn: 
MOAB provides its customers with highly proficient, competent, and articulate training professionals who have many years of practical experience in management of aggressive behavior.


Men with Guns
Active Shooter

According to the FBI, 69% of active shooter incidents are over in under 5 minutes. You may need to make life and death decisions, making this training subject one of the highest recommended to help understand an Active Shooter situation better.   The Active Shooter Defense Training Program uses the Run, Hide, Fight recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security as its base of knowledge.  It also covers a number of other important factors and techniques on what to do if this unfortunate situation ever happens on your site.  Also included is an outline on how to create an important emergency action plan and put in place.  This is an informative training program to help educate your employees, supervisors, and managers.


Students Will Learn:

The training program is geared towards the Security Officer, but it would also be a great session to present at your client’s site to educate them and help with preparing an Active Shooter Action plan.  A great way to be proactive and show your extended value to your clients!

Army Soldiers
Counter Terrorism

This course evaluates terrorism and issues of the 21st century and analyzes the increasing ‘securitization’ of social life. It connects the conceptual basis of academic study to practical issues facing our community and considers the emerging threat of domestic terrorism and issues pertaining to counter-terrorism. Incorporating a daily site check list to do security checks of an establishment and creating visual awareness among staff of suspicious activity.


Students Will Learn:

Create an interior and exterior perimeter check list, evacuation plan and utilizing video surveillance. Recognize suspicious activity and hostile surveillance occurring on property.

Notifying law enforcement and medical personnel.Documenting possible terrorist activities.

Team Talk
Effective Communication

Effective Communication is a professional development training course that discusses the foundation of effectively communicating in a professional environment. This training will discuss verbal and nonverbal communication, body language as a form of communication, and the need to utilize equipment to communicate all while being as efficient as possible. This course will teach you to communicate clearly and with impact, by improving verbal and non-verbal communication styles, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills.


Students Will Learn:

Recognize different styles of communication, improve comprehension while building rapport with customers. Reflect on different methods of communication and decided when each is most suitable. Appreciate the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication. Communicate their message in an effective and engaging way for the recipient.

Paying Customer
Public Relations

Positive customer experiences develop strong customer relationships, these experiences not only help sales, they create loyal customer ensuring repeat sales for years to come. This training is designed to develop customer service skills and empower staff to provide effective solutions to customer facing problems and to prevent problems from occurring. Great customer service can change the culture of a venue and gain respect from customers. Great customer service gains respect while discouraging adverse events and negative reviews. Proper customer service techniques can help deliver a long-term increase in sales, customer loyalty and reduction of negative experiences.


Students Will Learn:

Understanding your role in the service industry, including how you are viewed as security personnel. Importance of strong verbal communication skills and the ability to relate to customer’s needs. Learn the types of customers, common personality traits, and dealing with difficult customers. Anticipating customer needs before the customer ask for assistance

Financial Report
Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Effective report writing and documentation is one of the many important aspects of a business when working with the public. This course is designed to provide participants with the concepts and skills necessary to plan, organize, and prepare proper documentation and reports. This course covers the basics of the documentation and reporting process, including collecting and structuring information, analyzing information for reliability, validity, and relevance, and drafting, editing, and presenting a final report. While primarily designed for security professionals, many concepts addressed in this course apply to anyone interested in improving their report writing and documentation skills.


Students Will Learn:

Types of incidents to be reported, information to be collected prior to completion of an incident report. Creating an incident log, procedures to maintain the log and the information to be collected in the log. Why incident reporting is necessary, and the protection incident reports provide to businesses.

Concert Crowd
 Crowd Control and Special Events

This informative training covers a wide variety of topics that a Security Officer should become familiar with when assigned to work a crowd or special event, or if confronted with a riot situation.


Students Will Learn: 

  • Types of Crowds

  • Characteristics of Crowds

  • The flow of crowd traffic

  • Crowd Control Techniques

  • Types of Barriers

  • Security Officer behavior in crowd situations

  • Riot preparation

  • Using Crowd Traffic Control Devices

  • Equipment for events and Traffic Control

  • Overview of event checklist and Operation Plan

  • Communication among team members and leadership. 

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