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School Security 

School Safety and Security 

Security Officers working in school environments are friendly, customer service oriented yet direct in enforcing policy and procedures. Our goal is to cultivate a safe, peaceful environment for students to learn and faculty to teach. Our company aims to be a resource to our clients by assisting them in developing effective security policies and procedures.


LGC Security will provide your building with security officers with site specific training to handle active shooters, bomb threats, fire drills, natural disasters, incident response, Verbal Judo to deescalate out of control situations, remove disruptive people and security communication tactics. The officers at LGC Security are trained to build lasting positive relationships with students, parents, and faculty. The development of positive relationships is built on one simple principle, having mutual respect between the officer and each individual under their protection.


Our officers are held to a higher standard, their priority is to give amazing customer service ensure students have a safe environment, while enforcing our client’s policies and procedures.

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