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Residential Security

LGC Security will be the face of your community.

Our guards will ensure the safety of residents, protect your property and enhance the quality of life for residents in your community.  We will enforce residential conduct codes, assist residents with receiving packages, hail cabs or assist residents with Uber or Lyft services. Our concierge officer’s complete thorough checks of your property each hour. At the end of each shift they provide a detailed Daily Activity Report describing the events occurring during their shift. Officers provide a maintenance report to property management describing lighting outages, broken equipment, building hazards and any other maintenance concerns. Our officers will also provide incident reports when incidents occur on the property. LGC Security, will work with management to outline a plan tailored to your property and residents. We pride ourselves in providing friendly customer service based security to our clients and their residents. LGC Security will partner with your community to ensure your property is safe for current residents and marketable to future residents.

A La Carte Services for Homeowners

  • Vacation Checks

  • Resident Escorts

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

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