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COVID 19 Health Screening

Our world is changing...


Drive-Through Testing

End to End Virus Control Services 

Employee Screening Services 
Employee Temperature Collection
Employee  Health Screening Checklist 
COVID 19 Antibody Testing 

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Therapy Session

Screening Equipment

Health Screening Signage 
Thermal Cameras
Infrared Thermometers
Face Mask
Face Shields
Sanitizer Stations 
Disinfectant Solutions 
Floor Spacing Decals 
Disposal for PPE Equipment

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Evaluate the property points of entry, structure of the equipment stations, develop custom health assessment questionnaire, determine the quantity of screening staff and equipment needed to deploy a team. 

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Compose a proposal outlining the services to be provided, the base rate for each team member and a statement of procedures for deployment of the contract. The statement of procedures is customized for each property, outlining the responsibilities of the screening team, based on information retrieved in the assessment phase. 

Market Analysis

A team is selected based on the type of property, and their specific skill set. The team will execute the customized plan developed by the client and our team.  

Security guard in PPE suit uses infrared
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