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24 Hr Emergency Services

LGC Security has offered elite event security services at competitive prices throughout the Washington, DC Metro. Our event security professionals are specialists in handling all aspects of event security – crowd control, parking lot security, front door access, vehicle access, property surveillance, and security planning – to ensure a safe, secure and pleasant atmosphere.

Our Promise to You – Dependable & Fast Emergency Security Services

A fire a break-in or even a power outage can strike at any moment. A hurricane, a blizzard, a storm, tornado or any disaster can strike causing broken glass, alarms systems down and more. When you need professional, proactive, protection. LGC Security is all you will need.

Our services are customizable for any security need your company may need. Whether you need one guard on-site for a single location or several security guards across the area, we can provide them for you. We also provide protection of your possessions, facilities, and your staff members.


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