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Construction Security

According to the latest statistics from the national Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites — along with vacant homes — are the most vandalized and burglarized sites in the country. In view of statistics such as this, it is lucidly clear that there is a need to have a competent and effective construction security strategy in place. One of the primary concerns of any construction site manager is access, especially when the construction crew is not on the site.

The primary mission at LGC Security is to function in the capacity of a strategic partner with our clients in order to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security. What creates the distinction between LGC and other construction site security companies is our specialized expertise in the construction industry as we provide individually tailored strategies based on the specific needs of our clients. We employ these strategies with precision and dedication to the security of the site.


Our security officers are adequately trained to be effective in evaluating a site upon arrival. This allows them to readily identify any particular security issues that need to be addressed. We pride ourselves in offering up to 24-hour construction security seven days per week at very reasonable rates. When you look at what we offer, you will easily see that the minimal investment that you are making has immeasurable value.

In addition to providing uniform security personnel, LGC Security also offers a number of full-service programs which include:

  • 24-hour controlled access — Meaning that all vendors and visitors must log in and out at all times

  • Constant patrolling of the complete site, checking to make sure that all equipment and material is secure

  • Control and manage any homeless activity in and around the construction site

  • Detect and report any hazardous situations that may have developed

  • Immediately evict anyone who is loitering on the site

  • Immediately put a halt to unauthorized visits

  • Write and submit daily activity reports

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