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Building Security

LGC Security, concierge security officers are the welcoming face you expect when tenants, visitors, and building staff enter your property. Our officers are skilled security professionals, with the ability to use problem solving, react quickly in real time to situations occurring on property. They are trained extensively to quickly defuse problematic incidents and deescalate individuals causing a disruption in or outside the property. Our officers react quickly to maintain the security of visitors, tenants and building staff, to avoid property damage, to avoid bodily injury to parties involved, and to avoid any unwanted attention by the public. Officers perform frequent patrols of the property, securing all entry/exist points, monitoring CCTV for unusual activity. Officers greet visitors, screening each visitor prior to directing them to their destination. In addition to their security duties, each officer assigned to your property is knowledgeable of the region, with an awareness of local tourist attractions, restaurant suggestions, public transportation guidance and general amenities of the building and surrounding businesses within the vicinity of your property. Our concierge security officers provide an outstanding customer service experience to visitors, tenants and building staff entering the property. Assisting guests and owners in a friendly, efficient, and proactive manner with appropriate follow-up to ensure recommendations were satisfactory and helpful.

LGC Security building security services range from commercial office buildings to warehouses. The first step in protecting a property is to realize that each building is unique. LGC Security customizes its security services to fit the specific needs of each client. Our security assessments are performed with a focus on getting a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, the responsibilities for the security team, identifying strengths and weaknesses in existing security and developing measures that can improve security at the site.


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Evaluate the property points of entry, structure of the equipment stations, develop custom health assessment questionnaire, determine the quantity of screening staff and equipment needed to deploy a team. 

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Compose a proposal outlining the services to be provided, the base rate for each team member and a statement of procedures for deployment of the contract. The statement of procedures is customized for each property, outlining the responsibilities of the screening team, based on information retrieved in the assessment phase. 

Market Analysis

A team is selected based on the type of property, and their specific skill set. The team will execute the customized plan developed by the client and our team.  

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