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Dear Valued Clients and Future Clients,

After 15 years in the Security industry, I founded LGC SECURITY LLC in 2006 to focus on what I felt was missing from the security field and that is customer service.  After nine short years, LGC SECURITY has grown to proudly assist multiple organizations with their security and crowd management needs.  None of this would have happened if it were not for our commitment to delivering the best quality of service to every client – every day.  LGC SECURITY is also a C.B.E. (Certified Business Enterprise) and Section 3 certified through the District of Columbia Government.


LGC SECURITY is still committed to the same standard of excellence in everything we do; from offering the best security / event staff available, to the everyday personalized service and support that, our customers have come to expect from our dedicated team.  We strive to stay ahead of changes in our market to ensure our clients are safe.

If for any reason, you do not feel like you are getting the best service – call me or email directly.  I will personally ensure your needs are met with haste.


Traveon Smith

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