Welcome to the LGC Security Team

LGC Security is an innovative security firm with a new approach to providing quality security services nationwide. We specialize in providing reliable security services while giving clients and their consumers an outstanding customer experience. Our highly skilled team members are committed to our high standard of service, aiding in changing the culture of the law enforcement industry.

Our Story

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Our Mission 

WE BELIEVE in providing excellent customer service to our clients. We understand our clients have many choices in security firms and we want them to choose LGC Security. To accomplish this, we must work together as a team to provide great services to our clients. 


WE BELIEVE our continued success depends on teamwork. We know great achievements are only possible when we work together and respect our team members. It is important to help each other grow professionally.


WE BELIEVE in conducting business in a professional and orderly manner. While LGC promotes a relaxed work environment, team members are expected to model professional behavior on the job. Teams are expected to maintain focus while on the job and provide clients with exceptional security services.


WE BELIEVE in being responsible and accountable for our actions. Modeling integrity and taking accountability for our actions. Team members will not condemn each other instead we help recognize potential weaknesses and work diligently to gain proficiency in those areas to be an asset to our team.

Our Vision

Change the culture of public safety personnel, by combining traditional security procedures with customer service, using advance communication skills to gain voluntary compliance. Satisfying our clients core security needs, while providing the public with a great customer experience.

Our Approach

Providing customer service based security solutions for our clients. Customizing security solutions to fit each clients unique security needs.


Personalize the clients experience with experienced account managers, who are available to give individualize attention to each client and their property.

Meet The Team

Our Clients