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LGC Security building security services range from commercial office buildings to warehouses. The first step in protecting buildings is to realize that each building is unique. LGC Security customizes its approach to security service to fit the specific needs of each site. Mr. Smith evaluates sites prior to recommending a security solution.  Site evaluations are performed with a focus on finding security weaknesses and developing low cost or free measures that can improve security at the site.  When guards are needed, clients are given options for building security service provided by security guards.  Regardless of whether a site requires unarmed front desk security staff in suits and neck ties performing access control duties or armed security guards in full tactical gear, our security guards are up to the task.


Many buildings have building security cameras as part of their building security systems.  However, the most secure buildings are those protected by men and women in uniform that are capable thinking, problem solving and adjusting based on the real situations encountered in the building.  There are some things a camera or alarm just can’t do. Many property managers who understand the importance of building security combine building security cameras with professional security guards to create a comprehensive security solution. LGC Security offers building security for various building structures.

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